Uniquely made to the exact measurements of your home without any seam

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Eavestrough Seamless and Continuous

Eavestrough is an essential part of the exterior of your home and is often overlooked when homeowners are considering upgrading the appearance or function of their homes. Our team is highly trained in installing, repairing, and cleaning residential eavestroughs and downspouts across Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We offer quality products and materials that last and replace damaged ones with new 5-inch wide aluminum seamless eavestrough.



Our systems are designed to keep water away from your home's foundation. By preventing water build-up, we can prevent rot, deterioration, and damage to the soffit, fascia, masonry, and windows. Our systems protect roof shingles against moisture buildup, which may lead to mold and premature failure of the roofing material.

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Alu-Rex Gutter Guard

Keep your gutters clean and working correctly with a small investment in leaf protection. Heavy snowfall, ice expansion, wasp nests, small animals, and leaves clogging drains are all things of the past for you when you install leaf protection. And because you’ll need fewer cleanings and less maintenance, your gutters will last years longer than they would.

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